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Official press-releases

Homepage > Information > Archive > Official press-releases > Dmitry Kozak's briefing at the end of the forum "Sochi-2014"

Dmitry Kozak's briefing at the end of the forum "Sochi-2014"


Question: Dmitry Nikolaevich, wanted to learn how passed route construction, as a result that now we have? And a single question concerning sanctions, whether they will be reflected in carrying out this stage.

D. Kozak: I will answer from the last: carrying out races of the sanction won't influence. To us the International automobile federation confirmed, all teams confirmed participation in races. After all sports out of policy, and this principle have to be maintained.

As for route construction, it is complete. All is constructed according to projects, everything is put into operation. The route magnificent, according to athletes. According to the International automobile federation, one of the most difficult and by that most beautiful routes in the world.

Question: Dmitry Nikolaevich, you decide already on date of the following forum?

D. Kozak: As for the following forum and, were defined. There was a final meeting of organizing committee of a forum before holding a forum literally in 10 days, and defined that the following forum of "Sochi-2015" will take place from September 17 to September 19, 2015 on the same material resources. I think that today all and you, probably, including felt that the material resources of a forum, probably, too the best in the world turned out thanks to this Olympic infrastructure. Any international forum can't brag of such material resources. It is very comfortable, convenient to all, big open spaces. Perhaps, it seems to someone, so visually it seems to me that than participants and expositions it is less, than was earlier. Them actually statistically, I spoke, much more. In a forum participated, 9,7 thousand participants were registered. I will remind that last year it was 7 thousand. It is signed contracts, various agreements on 380 billion rubles. Representatives participated, I already spoke, practically all regions, and here actual information: representatives of 47 countries of the world. The forum, in my opinion, took place successfully. Already it is a good tradition: September if passes a forum, it means that we have the third decade of September. Approximately so. We won't change this tradition, and the forum will take place in these dates.