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Official press-releases

Homepage > Information > Archive > Official press-releases > Vasily Golubev: "Analogs of such powerful production weren't and in the USSR"

Vasily Golubev: "Analogs of such powerful production weren't and in the USSR"


The sanctions imposed against Russia will help to accelerate development in the Rostov region of hothouse production and processing of vegetables, berries, fruit. The governor Vasily Golubev said it in interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

- Our sun gives advantage to development of a hothouse complex before other regions. In the next three years we will open some such complexes with a total area of 44 hectares, - the head of the region reported. He considers basic support not only large producers, but also those who works in individual sector. More than two years ago on Don consumer cooperation started reviving actively, cooperation relations of large producers are established.

- If the individual entrepreneur knows that from him will buy production made by it, it will expand the production. Besides, he needs to know, where to hand over production, where to process it, - the governor emphasized. Thus Vasily Golubev reminded that the power of each small settlement has to realize: development of farmers, concrete economy is an income in the local budget at the expense of which it is possible to solve territory problems.

The head of the region expressed confidence that in the next year - two Rostov will gain the lead areas on production of fowl in Russia.

On 19 platforms of one of the Don enterprises there is a full production of meat of the Beijing duck - from egg to production which gets on counters of shops. After completion of construction of a formula-feed plant the enterprise will work in the mode of a full cycle. "Now "Donstar" makes 26 thousand tons of production a year. Analogs of such powerful production never was in Russia and the USSR", - Vasily Golubev emphasized.