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Official press-releases

Homepage > Information > Archive > Official press-releases > "It is necessary for me that business put ideas in strategy of the region"

"It is necessary for me that business put ideas in strategy of the region"


In this conversation the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev re-elected for the second term outlined a scope of work for the next period. Among the main objectives — involvement of municipalities in work with small and medium business, development of clusters and Rostov in its new shape

— In the investment message last fall you declared that the area in the next years can grow the advancing rates, despite crisis. But this year the situation is much more intense. In what directions this year the region will be able to show the advancing growth rates?

— In general we manage to develop the advancing rates even this year. Data on seven months 2015 confirm it. As a rule, the first half of the year already defines results of all year because the second half is usually more intensive. It is obvious that our industry and agro-industrial complex go with plus. The agrarian and industrial complex this year shows a gain in spite of the fact that the crop of last year was record.

Growth in natural indicators is necessary

— And what with investments? After all there was a decrease by results of the first quarter.

— By results of a half-year we in plus. This main thing. Last year we attracted 262 billion rubles, this year put 270 billion — very small growth. I think, the final trend will be clear by results of nine months — if we keep plus, and year we will finish with growth on investments, because the fourth quarter traditionally dynamic. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that growth of investments in rubles … it is clear why it happened. Growth in natural indicators is necessary.

Task today — it isn't simple to receive a certain result, but also to understand the medium-term prospect. By results of nine months we will thoroughly analyze a condition of "one hundred governor's projects". We have no refusals of implementation of projects so far, but on some there is a threat of change of terms of realization.

— In principle, in a zone of risk there is any enterprise which didn't manage to buy the equipment for the project.

— Exactly. One of examples. In the Azov area the American company Air Products invests about 380 million dollars in production of industrial gases. They had to start plant this summer. The equipment, designs and technologies was bought from them — and in way the delay took place. But now on a platform there is an installation which they will finish not in July, and in November-December. Will reach design capacity to the middle of the next year.